Try The Martingale Roulette Strategy

Roulette is an interesting gambling game that has scored the attention of players worldwide. In the 18th century, Martingale Roulette Strategy was originated first in France and it is considered to be one of the oldest and classic betting systems. The Martingale Roulette Strategy is simple, oldest, and most treacherous betting system. Never mind, whether you a pro gambler or a pass time gambler, you can try this roulette strategy to make successful winning.

Betting strategy – Whether you gamble regularly or occasionally, if you are a fan of gambling then you might have heard of Martingale Roulette Betting Strategy. The betting system is not only popular in roulette but also in various other gambling forms.

The concept behind the Martingale Roulette Strategy can be explained with the help of a coin. If the gambler stakes his bid on heads and toss the coin, if coin comes up with head then he wins the bet but if it comes up with tails he loses his bet. For the second round of betting the gambler needs to double his bet to cover the loss he suffered in his last round. This way the gambler will be able to retrieve all his earlier loses. For example: if a gambler places his bid on heads with $5 and loses it. Then he needs to double the amount in his next bet to $10 to recover the loss.

Again, if the gambler loses the bet he has to double the bet to $20. So, if the gambler loses in all five around his 6th consecutive bid would be of $160. In 6th round if the gambler wins and coin comes up with heads he is able to retrieve his earlier loses but just wining with the margin of $5. This betting strategy is dangerous and can make you bankrupt. It’s advised to start your bid with lower amount. The problem with strategy is that gambler needs hefty bank balance to insure a return. The nature of this Martingale Roulette Betting Strategy has made many gamblers bankrupt.

Risks involved in the Martingale Roulette Strategy – As you have read above that risk is big with this betting system. If the gambler wins his game then its good. If the gambler loses consecutively for 10 round his loss would be $5115. For this betting system gambler needs infinite wealth to play ahead in the game. Besides being wealthy enough, the player has to be smart enough to make successful winning. Never be sticky even if you make huge profits at a time, and as well never struggle all the day longer even if you have lost your money. A smart gambler will be efficient in managing the risks and exploit the chances of money making through the roulette game.

The Martingale Roulette Strategy is good in casino

The betting system is based on the series of random events. Where a gambler needs to double his amount with the loss suffered in last round. So, wining with this strategy is fifty-fifty for the gambler. The casino’s are aware of this strategy and have placed limits to gamble on every table. As this system is based on series of random events gambler needs to play with shorter series. As in this system there is no definite way for a gambler to win his game. So, it’s better to play with small amount and for short blast. The Martingale Roulette Strategy does not work well with games having longer series. To win at the casino with this strategy gambler is advised to bet with the amount awarded when joining the casino rather than putting your savings on the stake.


Roulette, the game where one stands to risk losing everything or win a fortune of a lifetime, adored by people of all generations is a very simple diversion flavored in both its online and offline variants. A typical game of roulette held in a brick and mortar casino would consist of a croupier spinning the wheel in a particular direction and dropping a ball on the surface of the wheel the other way, the catch being that the calls of the bets must be finished before the croupier starts spinning. The person whose number and color match those ball lands on is declared the winner thus making it a game of pure luck. But this doesn’t stop people from trying to come up with possible ways to beat the system, each promising to be an effective realizable strategy in their own realm.

Here are some of those works of human ingenuity:

1) The Fast Roulette System:
2) The Roulette Sniper System:
3) The Andruchi Roulette System

Most of the time, people lose in a roulette game because they fall prey to some myth or the other, the most popular of the lot being the mathematical systems on offer people buy which claim that they can beat roulette without the help of any past data for mathematical analysis, which is quite ridiculous. Understand that roulette like any other game of chance has its risks and gains and you as a player simply are locking horns with other players for a piece of Lady luck’s pie. So, play a straight forward game of roulette dispelling all myths and have a lot of fun.

Though the game is simple as mentioned, winning such roulette is not an easy thing. Since this is a game of randomization, all the results of the game cannot be predicted and you must be prepared to accept both winning and losing. If you looking to the grand prizes offered with the roulette gaming structure, you will come across with massive grand prizes. These massive grand prizes and the massive bonuses are few reasons to gather more and more players to this roulette game and the player count is getting increased day by day.

Anyway as always, if you are new comer for this roulette gaming structure, then it is recommended to observe few professional gaming moves before get in to professional play. Since you are getting some understanding on these professional moves, you can easily go for the winning and it makes you really comfortable throughout the game.

Different Roulette Strategy To Maximize Your Profit

Roulette is a gambling game whereby a ball is dropped to the revolving wheel designed with numbered compartments. Here the gambler makes his bet over the number, whereby the ball sets halt at the end. There are different categories of casino games, table games, slot machines, poker, bingo etc. Playing casino games such as roulette for real money online has become really very popular. Gamblers likely give their bets on single or multiple numbers, never mind it could either be even or odd and black or red. For concluding the victorious drive out, the player spins over the roulette wheel in a direction and it halts at a point. It is complete fun and players will find it as a perfect entertainment as well. Roulette players have a variety of betting options. The roulette wheel is designed with 3 various columns with numbers featured into it. Every column will cover 12 numbers.

Call Bets – The player being placed without any money on the table to cover the cost of the bet.
Announced Bets -The player immediately places money to cover adequate amount on the table.

The players can maximize the profit and minimize the loss by following the roulette strategy

Strategy 1: Martingale system
It is easy to understand. If you are not interested in winning a jackpot, follow Martingale system. It doubles a bet following a loss. It slowly increases your earnings. There may be a certain drawbacks in this method. Most roulette table has a maximum bet and the main advantage of this strategy is intuitive.

Strategy 2: James Bond Strategy
A player who uses the James Bond strategy blocks out certain amount of time to spend at the wheel in order to earn small profits.

Strategy 3: Reverse Martingale Strategy
It increases your bet when you win and decreases the bet when you lose. There is little chance to make various lines, corners and splits in a row and hence it is not functional to use the reverse martingale.

Strategy 4: D’Alembert Strategy
This method is safer than Martingale and Reverse Martingale Strategy. It uses arithmetic factors instead of geometric factors. When you lose increase your bet by one.

Strategy 5: Fibonacci Strategy
The sequence goes by adding the last two digits together. 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13…. etc., the advantage of this strategy is that you can come out with a profit as soon as by losing more games than you have won.

Just keep in mind, there is no firm roulette strategy that will let you to win firmly. The above described are some of the strategies that will increase the chances of your winning. Besides implementing these strategies into your game, make sure you are smart enough to withhold the following traits:

o Do not keep continuously playing for all day long, even if you have been making profits. There will always be a slip in the game, and you will end-up losing your money.
o Give a break, if you tend to loose huge money. It requires a little time to rejuvenate your mind and become prepared for making a successful winning.